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Jason A. of Honolulu                           5-Stars on Yelp

"I've been a member of The Art of Fitness for a little over 2.5 years and it has grown to become my home away from home.  This private facility is secured and all members are vetted by Ray and Lee-Ann Sagum-- I have peace of mind knowing that I am in the company of mature and courteous folks who treat the equipment and others with utmost respect and care."

Emma M. of Honolulu                       5-Stars on Yelp

"After all the surgeries I was left with a big tummy and feeling weak overall...  After 3 months of my last surgery and getting cleared by my doctor, I bought a Groupon to start my journey in getting healthy and strong again.  Ray understood by challenges but firm on things that he knows i can do.  Ray is definitely not the trainer that will baby you but if you want to achieve your goal he is definitely your trainer."

Rina S. of Honolulu                           5-Stars onYelp

"Ray is a no nonsense trainer teaching you how to work out properly.  He's definitely not the type to hold your hand and socialize while working out but you really feel like you get your money's worth."

Sammy T. of Aiea                             5-Stars on Yelp

"...he prepared me for the Federal Police Academy where the training allowed me to EXCEL!... my wife; an Army Major, was also able to get in the best shape of her life because of Ray!!  With 26 years in the Army she accomplished Her best Physical Fitness Test EVER (just 2 points from Perfect), at age 45."

Lauren A. of Kailua                           5-Stars on Yelp

"Ray shared with me a bit of background to his business and philosophies before putting me through a standard burpee/ pushup/ squat/ crunches test to see where I stood physically.  First thing he noticed- my breathing!  In all the training I've had over the years, I was never taught proper timing on inhales and exhales during exercises.  He corrected that immediately and then proceeded with my one on one training.  And what a difference it made for me to get through his session."


Michelle T. of Honolulu                     5-Stars on Yelp

"The Art of Fitness provides the best work out environment and personal trainers.  There is a true passion for fitness, structured workout plans, and a motivating atmosphere.  Coaching on proper technique, breathing, nutritional guidance, their trainers determined to help you reach your goals.  Every morning I leave feeling accomplished and looking forward to my next session.  The Art of Fitness is more than a gym its a support team and training system.  By far the best workouts I have ever experienced."

Dexter A. of Aiea                                 5-Stars on Yelp

"I have been a member for about 3 years at The Art of Fitness.  At any gym you can lose weight.  The Art of Fitness has taught me more than that.  The lesson was to grow.  Doing workouts to lose weight is great but learning about yourself only from comes people who truly cared about you and wants you to succeed.  Ray has helped me realize the potential that I have.  I was quite timid coming into this gym but Ray worked with me to overcome my own fears.  Ray helps me get healthy for long term.  The exercises he uses help me to have more range of motion and has practicality in my daily life.  Ray pushes hard.  He is the trainer who pushes you hard because he knows you can do it."  

Lee-Ann W. of Honolulu                   5-Stars on Yelp

"I am a personal trainer who was in need of a private personal training studio space for my clients.  I came across this facility through a friend's referral.  I am happy to say that the facility is first-class; offers all the equipment and space any Personal Trainer could ever need and provides security, safety and cleanliness any gym member/ client would be impressed with.  The owners are experienced long term fitness professionals who welcomed myself and my clients with open arms.  There is ample parking with 24-7 facility access which includes strength training machines and equipment, a cardio room as well as several classes throughout the week.  I've been fortunate to have personal use of the space including taking classes with the owners, which I highly recommend.  If you are looking for a great space to use for yourself or for your clients, this is the place."



"This facility is the cleanest i've ever been in and the members are like family."

"This facility is the cleanest i've ever been in and the members are like family."

“When it’s all said and done, it’s the life in your years, not the years in your life that count.”